Why are we making the material freely avaliable?

There are many reasons, so in no particular order…

We’ve been running our Café Sundae since 2006, and have been amazed by its impact. We believe that this    format is transferable to other churches.


Very few churches have the skills, resources and time that could create this quality of material. In fact, we estimate that you would need to employ at least one highly-skilled person full-time to create Café Sundae.


Many churches are either risk averse, or believe in “one-size fits all”, which results in them avoiding Adult Fresh Expressions never mind something aimed to resonate with young people and teenagers like Café Sundae.


We have had exploratory talks with publishers, and have realised that we are more likely to reach the missing generations - and influence the church to embrace a culture of choice - by freely giving and building a community of practice around it.

If you really want to pay for it, then the two sponsoring churches accept donations!

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