What on earth is Cafe Sundae?

You can come to a Café Sundae expecting a few things (and hopefully some things that you won't expect too) but we do try to keep each month different so you (and we) don't get bored.

A few of the things to expect are:                      

Cafe Style |




Film Clips |



On Your Feet Game:




Table Game |




Video Game |



Response |


Blog |



Guess Next Time |


 A game in which you have to guess next month’s topic, often using a Rolf “Can you guess what it is yet?” Harris” style drawing.

That means a cafe (obvious hey!) and chairs round tables so you've got somewhere to sit with a drink, rather than the normal set-up of rows of all facing the front. We like to put recycled brown paper sheets over the tables and provide pens so that people can doodle and draw and be creative.

 A more engaging way of understanding the topic area we are focusing on. More often than not we use clips from The Simpsons and Futurama (as these are covered by the Church Video Licence CVL).

We like to have something that establishes the facts behind a topic, and this game is also a good way of getting everyone standing and moving about. We often use quizzes that you answer by moving to a corner of the church.

We use this as an interactive way of getting people to connect to the topic. The game is played at the tables (though we sometimes use the walls!), often using cards or handouts with a task that challenges the table groups to discuss and decide upon their answer.

We prepare this beforehand, either using teenagers as roving reporters in the streets or acting in their own TV Series, as a way of exploring what the “world at large” thinks about this topic.

Often a meditation, giving people the chance to reflect and personally connect with the issues and with God.

A short, young people friendly talk, pre-recorded in the form of a blog which people can then discuss on an online forum.