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Welcome to Cafe Sundae

We're a group of people who decided that we wanted to try a different way of doing church that was open to everyone but really resonated with teenagers and young people.

So we went and did it!

We call Café Sundae "Church like you've never seen it before". Often it is church like we've never seen it before too!

Get Involved

This website is aimed at leaders who want to set-up something similar themselves. We make our tried and tested material freely available to any church that would like to do something similar.

Find Out More

If you want to find out more, why not read through our answers to:

  on earth is Café Sundae?

                   (We often ask ourselves this question!)

is behind Café Sundae and who do we contact?

are we making the material freely available?

do we get the material and run a Café Sundae?






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